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Shiitake mushroom growing is a great past time and with our selection of shiitake mushroom recipes and grow kits you'll be set, happy growing!
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About Us

Mississippi Natural Products Association is a rural farmers' cooperative located in south central Mississippi that provides an alternative crop for farmers and adds value to that crop by marketing and selling it at the retail level. Research and development for our Co-op came from the combined efforts of the Small Farm Development Center at Alcorn State University, a minority university located in Lorman, MS; the Medicinal Plant Garden of the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS and the National Center for Natural Products Research.

Inoculating shiitake mushroom substrate blocks

Farmers who are members of the Co-op grow our mushrooms on substrate blocks manufactured at the cooperative headquarters. The process involved in manufacturing the blocks includes substrate mixing, sterilization, inoculation and incubation. This process requires expensive equipment as well as specialized facilities and would be cost prohibitive for most farmers. By providing this service, we are able to offer more farmers the opportunity to grow specialty mushrooms.

Any revenue that is realized by the Co-op above and beyond expenses is distributed to farmer-members on a pro-rata basis.

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