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Shiitake mushroom growing is a great past time and with our selection of shiitake mushroom recipes and grow kits you'll be set, happy growing!
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Growing Shiitake Mushrooms

Traditional methods for growing shiitake mushrooms involved using grow logs typically from varying types of oak trees, especially white oaks or the Japanese oak tree also known as a Shii tree. Shiitake literally means "mushroom from the shii tree".

Until recently you may have heard only of grow logs which has been the main way for people to grow shitake mushrooms in their own homes for personal use. They work by placing the shiitake mushroom spores in pre-drilled holes in the oak logs and then simply letting the spores develop and eventually fruit into mushrooms. Depending on whether the shiitake spores have been pre-inoculated in the log this process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to on pre-inoculated grow log to 15 monthes on a do-it-